Loreal Smartbond vs Olaplex: Which is the Better Hair Bonding Treatment?

When your hair bonds are damaged, your hair will be weak, frizzy, and dry. Beauty product companies have developed technologies to solve the problem by restoring hair bonds to their original, organic state. The two hair bond repair brands that we will compare are Olaplex and Smartbond.

What is Olaplex?

Olaplex is a newer company starting from humble beginnings. It was started in 2014 in California in a home garage. Although relatively new, Olaplex developed into a thriving company with a very viable hair bond strengthening product.

  1. Patented Active Chemistry Development: Olaplex products have a patented active chemistry development that effectively improves the structure and strengthens the hair bonds.
  2. Strengthens Hair Bonds: Olaplex is the only product currently on the market that actually repairs hair that has been chemically damaged through straightening, bleaching, or coloring treatments. It specifically targets and repairs the protein bonds that cause hair damage.

What is L’Oreal Smartbond?

L’Oreal Professional is the developer of Smartbond. Unlike Olaplex, L’Oreal has been around since 1909, originating in France. L’Oreal is a highly trusted, worldwide personal care company that develops almost every product for the beauty industry.

  1. Salon-Grade Technology: Smartbond is a salon-grade technology used in conjunction with hair coloring techniques. It protects and strengthens hair bonds during and after hair coloring to prevent further damage.
  2. Protects and Strengthens Hair Bonds: Smartbond helps slightly with rebuilding the disulfide bonds in the hair, preventing them from breaking in the first place. It may not repair the bonds as effectively as Olaplex, but it is a preventative measure to maintain healthy hair.

Differences Between Olaplex and Smartbond

  1. Brand Origin and Trust: Olaplex is a relatively new company, while L’Oreal has been around since 1909 and is a highly trusted brand in the beauty industry.
  2. Development and Launch: Olaplex was launched in 2014, whereas Smartbond was launched later by L’Oreal as a response to the success of Olaplex.
  3. Lawsuit Controversy: Olaplex has accused L’Oreal of stealing their patent, leading to a lawsuit between the two companies.

Which One Should You Choose?

  1. Hair Concerns and Needs: If you have chemically damaged hair and want to repair the protein bonds, Olaplex is the recommended choice. If you want to prevent further damage and maintain healthy hair, Smartbond is a suitable option.
  2. Salon Recommendations: Smartbond is used in conjunction with L’Oreal hair coloring products, while Olaplex can be used with various coloring products from different companies. Consider the recommendations and expertise of your salon and hairdresser.
  3. Budget: Olaplex is generally more affordable than Smartbond, making it a preferred choice for those on a budget.


Both Olaplex and Smartbond are effective hair bond repair products, but they have different strengths and purposes. Olaplex specifically targets and repairs damaged hair bonds, while Smartbond focuses on preventing further damage and maintaining healthy hair. Consider your hair concerns, salon recommendations, and budget when choosing between the two. Ultimately, it’s important to find the product that suits your needs and helps you achieve beautiful, healthy hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Olaplex and Smartbond be used on all hair types?

Yes, both Olaplex and Smartbond are suitable for all hair types.

Are Olaplex and Smartbond only used in salons?

Yes, both Olaplex and Smartbond are salon-grade products and are typically used by professionals.

Can Olaplex and Smartbond be used with any hair coloring products?

Olaplex can be used with many coloring products, while Smartbond is specifically designed to be used with L’Oréal colors.

Is Olaplex more affordable than Smartbond?

Yes, Olaplex is generally more affordable compared to Smartbond.

Do Olaplex and Smartbond prevent hair damage?

Both Olaplex and Smartbond help protect and strengthen hair bonds, which can prevent further damage.

Does Smartbond have a network of hairdressers who have tested the product?

Yes, L’Oréal has a network of hairdressers who have tested and praised the effectiveness of Smartbond.

Can Olaplex repair chemically damaged hair?

Yes, Olaplex is the only product on the market that specifically targets and repairs chemically damaged hair.

Does Smartbond have a solid scientific base?

Yes, L’Oréal has the labs and scientific expertise to develop effective hair products like Smartbond.

Is Olaplex involved in a lawsuit with L’Oréal?

Yes, Olaplex has accused L’Oréal of stealing their patented technology, leading to a lawsuit controversy.

Which product should I choose if I have a limited budget?

If budget is a concern, Olaplex may be a more affordable option compared to Smartbond.


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